Who Are We?

Society 81 is a community of millennials. Nigeria’s premier resource platform for young adults from Generation Y.

A lot of things have been said about us. Oh, they are lazy and entitled, all they want is instant gratification and play the blame game, they don’t care about politics, or movements or issues that affect the real world, all they care about is partying, texting and having fun.

Well someone better tell the Baby boomers to be careful. Generation Y as the name implies is one; the middle man connecting the gen x and the generation. Two; y means we are a generation of questions. We tend to ask the whys a lot because everything seems to be so strange with how things have been growing up. We are a generation to make sense of a lot of set rules and shake up the status quo and societal norms. We are a generation of thinkers…

Welcome to Society 81.